Something we can ALL agree on… finally.

By June 14, 2018Tamlin's thoughts

Those who know me well know what my political preferences are. Because of the transparency of a blog, I prefer to keep that to myself. I just felt compelled to share my feelings about Trump’s meeting in North Korea with Kim Jong Un.

Recently a close friend, who has a distaste for our president, mentioned in passing that he “almost hoped that Trump would screw this up, so he would be even closer to being impeached.” I was  astonished that this friend had so much dislike for anyone that he would wish defeat for our Nation.

It made me think… we ALL want this agreement between countries. We ALL want denuclearization.
Even if we are on opposite sides on the political spectrum… we ALL want this arrangement to work.
Let’s cautiously hope this alliance with Korea will bring our Nation closer together, not farther apart.
It’s time for a collective, unified mind-set to start the healing process.

So, lets come together, realizing that  UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL.

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