A difference in ENERGY (NRG)

By May 31, 2019Tamlin's real life

OMG… I can’t stop laughing.

I’m trying to calm myself down and be respectful but…
This fish present has me howling while my husband is ready for a divorce.

OK, let me start from the beginning:

Our good friend John O’Melvany Woods had a birthday party last weekend.

Being the person I am, I ordered a remote controlled, Air Swimming Clown Fish.

I’m sure you have seen the commercials where a young boy is easily maneuvering the bright colored fish around the house.
* Moves like a real fish
* Steers in any direction
* Easy indoor fun

Because John & Judy live on the bay I thought this would be the perfect gift from the Tribe.


First step: Fill the fish up with helium. (check)
Second step: Put the fins on. (check)
Third step: Attach the remote control device. (dahhh!!!)

This is when the ENERGY in our home changed.

Don was getting more & more exasperated while I was flitting around, taking pictures of the process, so proud of myself for finding such a cool gift. I was glad. He was mad.

It was then that I noticed the mood in the room had plummeted. You could cut the heaviness with a knife.

I thought I would call Don’s engineer friend to help. At least see if there is a problem in the mechanics.

John came and they figured it out… (more batteries, no, really).


We went to the party, and after a balance tweaking, the fish made it’s entrance.

So, what I learned from this experience is:

STOP.  Don’t buy things from China that take 14 illegible steps to assemble.
STOP expecting Don to put it together without causing a dramatic dip in the NRG in out home.

Gladly the fish was a hit but…
the day after the party the fish got entangled in the ceiling fan and John now has to hire someone

to remove the frickin’ fish.