ART with a Purpose, 2

Stories behind the Art

Many times words are not enough. When children, or anyone for that matter, find it hard to express themselves, ART may be a better way of saying it. ART is a visual…clear and precise. The lessons in this book are actual STORIES BEHIND THE ART. After my first book, ART With a Purpose, many wanted to know the people and situations who created the art. Well, here are the actual pictures of artwork designed specifically to direct the student to understand themselves more clearly; to explore their reality in a different way; to set visual goals; to see their own progress; and to appreciate their differences.
Art is NOT like math or science where there are right and wrong answers. It is a field of observation and expression where the student has their own style and whatever they create is perfect. There are NO mistakes in ART…and because this is emphasized over and over again, my students feel free to express themselves through various mediums; explore their talents; and create without comparing their art with others around them. The result is empowerment. So check out THE STORIES BEHIND THE ART and begin to understand the power of the creative process.

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