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Beyond ART works…

With this art curriculum you can teach DIVERSITY through ART.
Dioramas are the perfect art project for self-esteem and understanding.

This is what the students learned:

       1.) The skills that help the students work toward their dreams
2.) The vulnerability that open us up to others
3.) Discovering that we all want the same things

Note to Potential Facilitators:
It is my hope, my mission, and my intention to bring together interested Facilitators to teach the Beyond Art curriculum in public & private schools;
after school programs; church groups, neighborhoods and/or community centers… across the entire country.

 Plus…make $$$:
Total cost is $20.00 per student. (for one 4 hr workshop,
or two sessions @ 2 hrs each)
Each student will use up to $10 of supplies.
With 10 students you can make $100.
(10 students X $20 = $200-$100 for supplies= $100)
With 15 students you can make $150.
With 20 students you can make $200.

If you are interested in becoming a Beyond Art Facilitator contact me: /subject, BAF

Webinars & Art Workshops:

Tamlin will personally offer webinars or work-shops to help instruct Facilitators of any Public or Private School District or Community Organizations before beginning the ‘Beyond Art’ curriculum. It is important that these lessons be taught within the guidelines for the best results.

Note to Potential Facilitators:

It is my hope and intention to bring together interested facilitators to teach this curriculum:

‘ART with a Purpose for VETERANS’
In Veterans Service Organizations, Community or Church Groups, in homes with their families

If you are interested in learning more
about becoming a facilitator contact me at Facilitator