Don’t Make Me Go Down There !!!*?#?!

The possibly true story of a Reluctant Angel who almost changed the world.

Angelle has an assignment and she is NOT happy. She was just floating around Heaven, indulging all of her senses, when a deep resonating voice drowns out her peace and quiet. “Go down to Earth and change the world“. “Holy Sh*t”, she said looking up . “How do I do that?” “You figure it out…isn’t that what angels do?

Disclaimer – Although it may appear to be, this is NOT a children’s book, but written for the inner-CHILD  who lives in all humans.

Note from the Author – 

I tried very hard NOT to write this book.

When the thought came to my “idea chamber”, a shrill and piercing cry filled my mind, “NOOOOoooooo don’t do it.”
But still I was literally forced to write it down.
When I sat with pen in hand, the words flowed out of me like healing water, almost automatic.
The writing took only 3 weeks, from start to finish, once the words started flowing.
All the way through the process my mind was screaming “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

I understand the consequences of this forward-thinking idea and I am very aware that this may go against the grain of generations of American citizens.
I had certainly not wanted to be an activist in my life:
                            “Just let me teach art.”
But I also understand the act of being obedient.
So I am taking a step of faith and sewing this seed.

Tamlin Allbritten is an author, art teacher, and an “Expressive Art Specialist.” She leads her art students to discover more about themselves through the creative process. Over thirty years of teaching art in private & public schools, junior high through college—
it’s no wonder that Tamlin is passionate about

Tamlin has written several curriculums under the title “ART with a Purpose”
for specific populations.
(Brain Injuries, Eating Disorders, Kids-at-Risk, Veterans, and most recently… Diversity).
These books are in a lesson plan format in hopes facilitators will run with the idea.
Go to  for more information on Tamlin’s ART curriculums.

More about this book:

Tamlin’s  new series:  “CHILDREN’s BOOKs for ADULTs”
is an entirely new direction for her, away from the art classes and more toward