I Have A Dream

(The story of my life…I think)

Shelley O’Sullivan states: I was approached about writing my memoir because I have had an extraordinary life, as you will soon read. (Missionary to India, Police Detective in St. Louis, Rock Star in Nashville… Aneurysm). Yes, I had a cerebral aneurysm at age 43 that changed my ‘over-the-top’ life in an instant. Now, hearing that, most of you would think that my amazing times were over, but to the contrary, it was a blessing in disguise. So, as I tell my story to Tamlin, who is writing down my words (because I can’t write or type very well anymore), I find it hard to remember the details on some events, but recall others precisely. My mind works this way now. It’s an effort to retain my past experiences but I will try. Hence the subtitle: The Story of My Life…I Think !!! Shelley.