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Beyond ART: My curriculum on DIVERSITY

By June 3, 2018June 11th, 2018Beyond ART dioramas

I am thrilled to announce that my latest curriculum on DIVERSITY is out and ready to be distributed.

Beyond ART:  Exploring Yourself and Others through the Creative Process.

This curriculum is an easy/fun way to have people with “differences” begin to understand and appreciate each other. My art students thought about who they wanted to become and made a DIORAMA of themselves DOING that exact thing… in detailed, thought-provoking surroundings.

A DIORAMA is a “camera shot” of the life you want… the YOU you want to be. The students were empowered by just thinking it through. The more they thought about their surroundings, the more the universe works towards it.

It’s the Law of Attraction.

The last step is to FEEL as though your vision (Diorama) has already been accomplished.
THAT is the magic in manifesting…
                           FEELING the SATISFACTION  of ACCOMPLISHMENT !!!

My students, after they completed their diorama, spent a lot of significant time sitting with eyes closed, slow breathing,  visualizing their environment, surrounded by the all-encompassing feeling of accomplishing their dream.
     PURE JOY, being THEIR TRUE SELVES, and SHARING their DREAM with others. 

Trust me. They will re-direct themselves to stay on track.
The ART made them promise.


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