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How do I get & stay there ?!!*??#?

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“WHERE”, you ask ??? Christians call it the “State of Grace” The Bible calls it “Heaven” Hippies call it “Nirvana” Buddha calls it “Enlightenment” Athletes call it the “Zone” Science calls it “Entanglement” Abraham calls it the “Vortex” Healers call it the “Fifth Dimension” Whatever we label it: the location,…

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By | Tamlin's real life

I’m 72 and grateful to be here RIGHT NOW. Us Christians always knew these days would come. Us environmentalists  knew Momma Earth would soon shake it off, shake it off. Us Energy Healers know we are here to bring Christ Consciousness into being. I feel so grateful to be able…

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Starry Starry Night

By | Shelley's art

I look forward to my Saturday ART class every week. This class is for “special needs” students which, I have come to believe, is ALL OF US. Shelley, though, never misses a class because we have so much fun together. We paint. We sing. We laugh. Here is Shelley painting…

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Equinox brings me hope

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I struggled with external/internal chaos: Loosing friends over political polarization. No patience with presumed ignorance. Morality having no weight in the balance… just financial gain. Being pulled with extremes in diversity. I found myself with a low energy because of all the shit going on in the world today. But…

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Growing mushrooms

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People who know me know that I love to garden, walk barefoot in the grass, and depend on herbal remedies before going to prescribed medications. I’m sure all this holistic stuff started with my dad, when I was young. But I also know that digging in the earth grounds my…

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Making Face Masks

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A fun and easy way to cover your mouth & nose with bandannas and coffee filters. If Shelley & I can do this, so can you. Supplies: Bandanna (makes 2 masks) Coffee filter (one per mask) Scissors Rubber bands Ruler Pins Iron Sewing machine or stick-on tape Garden wire (optional)…

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