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An ever-changing vantage point…

By | Tamlin's thoughts

When you hear this… “Nothing can make me change my mind” Know that person has closed their mind to the capacity to gain accurate information. If you never change your mind you aren’t listening. Fresh circumstances won’t happen in a mind that is closed to new possibilities. I have friends…

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Pray 4 the Bay

By | Nature, Tamlin's real life

Most of you already know…       Last November a sperm whale swam up the Mobile Bay, where I live in Fairhope, Alabama. He was a young male, 38 feet long, 30 thousand pounds.   He beached himself 100 feet from the shore and slowly died. I went to see…

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First Tribe Bocce in a year

By | Tamlin's real life

Most of you know that we have a Bocce court. And some of you know that our group of friends, who dine out & in together, is called the Tribe. This week we had out FIRST gathering in over a year… at our home, outside. I wasn’t sure who would…

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Don’s “camp” birthday weekend

By | Uncategorized

So, most of you know, if you follow me on Face Book, that we have started camping. I have camped my entire life, (in a big heavy canvas tent). Now it’s much easier. This birthday weekend I reserved two side-by-side cabins for Don’s family to join us at Wind Creek…

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MY Super Power, you ask…

By | Super Power, Tamlin's real life

I am blessed to know what my Super Power is. I’ve known since I was in my mom’s womb. I came out knowing. I never, ever thought differently. Let me backtrack: I was born into a family of “CREATIVES”. My Mom, a seamstress and “pull-anything-together” kinda gal. (Last minute teen…

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SUPER POWER 7, unveiled

By | ART classes to consider

I am thrilled to announce that my most recent endeavor is now available for students to experience. is a series of creative, on-line classes, taught by me/Tamlin. The first series is ‘How to be a Super Power in 7 easy lessons’. These 7 art classes are part of a curriculum…

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Easters past

By | ART CLASS Stories:

Because I’m not doing physical art classes right now, here is a throw-back to a time when I did.    I taught this Wooden Cross art class to seniors, kids and special needs… and they all loved it. The students could pick from my many bins of supplies and any…

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March 20, 2021 is a New Beginning

By | Tamlin's thoughts

No, really. Today is the Equinox and this is when the seeds begin to break through and grow… “LIFEWORD”. How does this happen? Why does it happen? The spring season represents a time when Mother Earth, after a time of nurturing, pushes out all things in hopes they will grow…

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