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Grandmother’s art class

By June 1, 2022Uncategorized

Last week I facilitated an art class for 50 grandmothers.

This is an organization that honors women and their wisdom.
It started when our ancestors would be in a circle around the cook-fires. They dedicated this space to sharing, listening, and speaking more thoughtfully.
This concept has become a tradition that is still carried on today. It may not be around a fire but I certainly felt a soft, powerful energy swirling around these women as they gathered.

In my art class we made RAIN STICKS.
Mailer tubes (that have nails embedded to slow down the movement of the beans, peas, or rice inside) were given to each participant.




I was thrilled with the creativity AND the enthusiasm.
Because there were 48 students I didn’t get to know many of their names… but, I know them even better than a name because of their personalized rain sticks.
I watched how they proceeded, how they problem solved, how they maneuvered in creative chaos. But most of all, the materials they chose and how they put them together was the best indicator of their unique personalities.

The movement in the crowded space was like a fine machine. I’m not sure (Yes, I am sure) the easy flow was because of these special women.

They are GRANDMOTHERS !!! … for God’s sake !!!!!

They recognize and appreciate much more around them because of their wisdom. It is evident.
Thank you for the opportunity, Ladies. I enjoyed your presence in my art class.

PS. I have just been asked to join the Grandmothers.


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