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How do I get & stay there ?!!*??#?

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“WHERE”, you ask ??? Christians call it the “State of Grace” The Bible calls it “Heaven” Hippies call it “Nirvana” Buddha calls it “Enlightenment” Athletes call it the “Zone” Science calls it “Entanglement” Abraham calls it the “Vortex” Healers call it the “Fifth Dimension” Whatever we label it: the location,…

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Equinox brings me hope

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I struggled with external/internal chaos: Loosing friends over political polarization. No patience with presumed ignorance. Morality having no weight in the balance… just financial gain. Being pulled with extremes in diversity. I found myself with a low energy because of all the shit going on in the world today. But…

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Honoring my Mom

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Last week I showed you my Spirit Tray. This week I have assembled a tray to remember and honor my mom. When I do this I feel her sweet & creative presence around me. Anne (“with an E”) Margaret Coulier (pronounced cool-yea) was born in Utrecht, Holland. She came to…

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