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What does “Leaving a LEGACY” mean?

The dictionary defination of LEGACY is, “A gift that you receive when someone dies.”
My personal defination is, “Someone leaving an impact on my life.”

I am impacted by 2 deaths this week:
1.) Robert Dole, honorable Leader of the Senate
2.) Dorothy, my lovely and intelligent 96 year old neighbor

Both leave a BIG impression on my life because of what they accomplished in theirs.
Robert Dole with his Military Service to our country and his HOPE for UNITY in our political asperations, is the field of dreams for our future.
Dorothy Chambers with her continuing tenacity to save the Alabama Theater in Birmingham, she raised a standard, not only in the arts, but in the respect for women in her community (and now, decades later, in our small Fairhope neighborhood).

My thoughts go to “What will MY legacy be?”
I don’t need to ask. I already know.

But what about YOU ??? What fond memories will others feel when they hear of YOUR passing?
Just askin’.

PS.  It’s never too late to build something that will outlive you.




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