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Solstice Ceremony

By December 23, 2021Tamlin's Healing Journey

My healing group, (that I have been a part of for 7 years now) had a Solstice Ceremony at the exact time that the sun stood still… 9:58am CST.
It was a chilly morning but we still celebrated the release of things that don’t serve us anymore. We wrote these things down on paper and burnt them in the middle of Bob’s Medicine Wheel. Magically the smoke moved around the circle touching all of us, before it waifed up and out. We all noticed it, looking at eachother as if “Did you just see that?” wasn’t even needed to be said.


Then we tossed the ashes into the Bay of the Holy Spirit and moved on, somehow feeling lighter.

Next we wrote down things that we want to bring into our lives this year. In meditation I saw these things and felt the joy that comes with them.

“WHAT is your intention in 2022 ?”

As we all stated our objectives (Spread light, no judgement, gather wisdon, love unconditionally, forgive myself and others…) I noticed that we as a group hope for more etheric, not-tangeable things. In other words, we all resonate on the same cloud, lifting ourselves, our city, our country and the world.

The Solstice reminds us that it’s time to move foreward and upward. Birthing the seeds that we all hold deep in our soul.

I am grateful for my healing group and the impact we are making in the world.

PS. Please make the time to listen to Lee Harris’ Energy Update. I find him to be uplifting and amazingly acurate.


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