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Jesus and Energy. Can we believe in BOTH?

By December 24, 2021Tamlin's thoughts

I am a Christian.
I believe in, and follow the teachings of Jesus.
I also believe in (and study) the energies that Tesla talked about.

Some of my “inside-the-box” Christian friends think that you can’t believe in both.

But, what if they are one in the same?

Jesus was pure and positive energy. His followers could feel it. I feel it. You feel it. That’s why he resonated with so many people… and still does.
The Holy Spirit, His presence, is pure energy.  A vibration with such a high frequency, we can’t deny it. It embeds in us feelings of Truth and Comfort.

So, the next time a Christian friend says I can’t be a BELIEVER because I am too focused on ENERGY…
I say to you:
1.)  Feel the energy in your body when you say the words “hate, pain, evil and disgrace” (no, really, stop for a quick moment and say these words).
2.) Feel the energy in your body when you say “JESUS SAVES ME”

Need I say more?


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