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January is “ART in Recovery” month

I am blessed to have been asked to team up with the Mobile Drug Education Council to bring attention to…

      the POWER of ART


My good friends David & Marcia Grayson lost a daughter to addiction and feel compelled to tell MC’s story in hopes to bring attention to the silent epidemic of drug overdose happening in the US right now. (Watch the Netflix series ‘Painkiller’ about the origins of the crisis).

This is Mary Catherine’s self portrait.
I believe, even though I never met her, MC is behind the growing commitment to bring attention to this devistating calamity.

This is why I am committed to share the art lessons I have done with my students in rehabs. Teens that need direction, support and a voice.
But what if words are not enough?
What if they can’t explain what is happening to them?
This is where art comes in. (Hence, my organization, ‘ART with a Purpose’).

I’m OK but…                                                     My life is a dump

           My addiction is part of me

        My eating disorder is beautiful

               Drugs numb my mind

I know some of these art pieces are quite disturbing and hard to look at, but getting these feelings out through their art is a huge step in recovery.
I am not a therapist. I am an art teacher with the expertise of designing the right lesson for the specific situation. I work with therapists, councelors, teachers, parents and individuals. You can imagine how these pieces of art can open up a line of communication.
Below are just 2 books I’ve written on the Power of ART


The picture we chose to represent the ART in Recovery effort is titled “HOPE”, one of my past student’s artwork.

Thank you Drug Awareness Council for featuring the work I have done and continue to do.
ART in Recovery flier



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