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An ever-changing vantage point…

By September 11, 2021Tamlin's thoughts

When you hear this…

“Nothing can make me change my mind”

Know that person has closed their mind to the capacity to gain accurate information. If you never change your mind you aren’t listening.
Fresh circumstances won’t happen in a mind that is closed to new possibilities.

I have friends and family who feel this way. (You know who you are). It breaks my heart and upsets my stomach.
Believe me, this is NOT a political stance. It holds true for almost every facet of our lives. Rigid people break.
I just feel that we can’t live in a black and white society and still move forward .

If your stance is at 1 or 10, both extremes linger on a dead end.  No room for allowing.

As for me, I live in the fluid gray area. I have an ever-changing vantage point because new realities rise up every day… every hour… every minute.
It’s only the open mind-set that will lead to new, higher understandings.

I applaud anyone, especially politicians, who can say “I’m still gathering information on that topic but, as of now, I am swaying in this direction…”
It’s like the “MURMURATION” I keep talking about.

We can have our different directions but be open to the magic of flowing as one unit.



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