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Pray 4 the Bay

By June 22, 2021Nature, Tamlin's real life

Most of you already know…


Last November a sperm whale swam up the Mobile Bay, where I live in Fairhope, Alabama. He was a young male, 38 feet long, 30 thousand pounds.   He beached himself 100 feet from the shore and slowly died. I went to see him everyday (I named him Spirit) and my heart felt heavy. By the 3rd day busses were coming with loads of people to take pictures of the sad struggle. Finally the marine BayKeepers euthanized him.
Ever since then I have the immense feeling that I need to send love and light to all the sea-life in our beautiful, yet toxic bay. I send the reminder out because the more people who ‘Pray 4 the Bay’ at the same time, the stronger the results.

Simply Pray 4 the Bay every 3rd Thursday at 11am for 11 minutes.

You can go to see what else is being done.

Thanks for your support.


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