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Remembering a good friend

By October 18, 2021Tamlin's real life

A friend passed un-expectantly and those left behind are struggling with the loss.

Tance was an artist, dog lover, avid book reader, intelligent conversationalist, and pure joy to be around. She had many friends and we loved her dearly.
Some of her friends decided to have a special outside memorial for her and celebrate the unique person she was (and still is).

I had 3 contributions to this memorial:

1.) A seat for Tance
Her books, her remote, her shoes, etc…

2.)  A Team Painting:
I asked that everyone paint something/anything on a large  canvas. I have done this many times for gatherings (memorials, reunions, birthday parties) and the art piece always turns into an exuberant, colorful memory that radiates the energy of love. It always works.  In Tance’s painting, (because she was/is an energy reader, and her friends understood this…) I explained to the audience that if they felt their love for Tance while painting… the energy would come from their hearts, go down their arm into their hand… then into the brush and onto the canvas… leaving a forever imprint. THIS HAPPENS, for real !!!

I just needed for the audience to SEE/VISUALIZE this happening.

Immediately after I mentioned the assignment, I could hear people thinking, “But, I’m NOT an ARTIST, I CAN’T DO THIS.”
After 40 years of teaching art, I have heard this judgement many, many times (and mostly from adults) so, my response is:

There are NO MISTAKES in ART !!!!!

“Just pick a color, make a simple stroke, an easy shape, or a mere dab… and your energy is there” 
They got it.

We gave the finished painting to Tance’s brother, Eddie, who was touched and grateful.

3.) My 3rd contribution to the memorial were home-made FANS
It was a sunny October day and 85 degrees. Almost 50 people sat under a canopy of shade trees and the fans came in handy.
But the main objective for the fans were to spread Tance’s sparkle.
The front of the fan was Tance’s face looking down through the clouds.

The fan back had many different sayings from Tance AND a cotton cloud with glitter.
When I had everyone raise their fans toward the sky… the sparkles spread everywhere.

Just like Tance !!!

So, farewell my friend. I know you are on your journey to another beautiful experience.



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