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Here are the final videos in my Healing Journey! I think it’s very important for anyone who may have to go through this surgery to know what they’re getting into. Every surgery is different, of course, but if I had a video to watch in advance, it would have given me a better understanding. I really had no idea that the procedure was this involved, or that there would be so many ways it could go south. Actually, after this blog was assembled to view, I had a small set-back. My wound became infected and the doctor had to open me up again to drain. I’m still draining so your continued prayers are welcome.

Comments one week after surgery.

Staples out and pathology report.

Final thoughts.

My Cologuard Commercial!

Some have been asking about the lung issue I was also diagnosed with. After several tests (yes, during all of this !!#?**!!) my pulmonologist just told me, “Because the area is slow growing, we will follow up with CT’s every few months to monitor the situation.”  WHEW…now, that’s good news.


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