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Friends Forever, no really !!!

By September 3, 2022Tamlin's real life

As I mentioned in my last blog…
I had the opportunity to be with many life-long girlfriends on this trip to Colorado and New Mexico.


First is Sue, who just went through a 6 hour surgery and is recovering slowly. We always looked like Mut & Jeff but even more now with her 85 lb frame.
Sue and I became fast friends when she was a client in my Brain State Technology adventure 20 years ago. She was agoraphobic and I fixed her. No, really.
Sue has repaid me by supporting me in any random escapade I could dream up. Partners in crime means great memories. I love you gf.

Next is Dean, who I was destined to meet in Fairhope on her time away from Colorado. We are both Libra’s and resonate on the very same cloud.

And then there’s Trish/Triana/Tree. We both were art teachers in small towns in Arizona. Every time we visit Tree shares her creative expertise and I am certain to teach that project as soon as she leaves. Thanks for all you have taught me. Love you.

Carla. What can I say? We have been through so many circumstances together… and we still come out on top. I appreciate your guidance through many times in my life. And your help on this New Mexico book tour was WAY BEYOND. I will love you always.

Gayla…can you believe…recently moved to Espanola, NM just weeks before my book tour. When she called me I felt the spirit move in our conversation.
Some may call it a cooincidence, but I feel it’s God directing our lives.
See you soon, my friend… (and chaufeur).

Rosalee was my handy (wo)man in Arizona. She can fix anything. It was a joy being around her energy (and her friend, Katie). Rosie even drove me to the airport at 4:30 am. Now that’s a friend.

I am so BLESSED to have spent time with all these delightful women. God is good.

I also met some remarkable new friends along the way.

Kathy is an unbelieveable doll maker from Longmont, CO. We drove to Taos together with a stop at Joyful Journey Spa. We all loved the mountains and horses along the way.

Then there was Carol, rock star and aficionado. For sure we were sisters in a past life. She called out my name in a crowded street during the Santa Fe Indian Market. It was the 100 year celebration of indigenous culture and art. She saw me. I see her. Thanks, Judy for setting this up.

So you see that I value my friendships (old and new) and this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our life experiences together.
Another benefit of my trip to New Mexico.


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