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It’s been over 6 months since I’ve posted a blog.

“Why?”… I hear you asking.

Ok, here goes.

Six months ago I was in a serious car accident.
I was driving down a country road at 55mph, top down, hair blowing on a beautiful spring day.
I had just bought myself a classic 1986, 380 SL Mercedes. I had it for 3 months.

A young girl pulled out on me and hit my right, front,  hard.

The impact and the next few minutes were in s~l~o~w motion for me.
My “Steel Magnolia” ended up on the other side of the road, facing on-coming traffic.
The first car to come up to the accident quiclky took control of the situation. I mean EVERYTHING:
* He pushed my car to the other side of the highway.
* He told me to just sit there for a minute while he picked up all my papers that were blowing around the large country yard in front of me. My brief case had bounced out of the back and opened on impact. (I need to mention here, that I was coming from a probate attorned and floating around were signed copies of important papers. !!#**!!??**)
* After gathering all papers (by watchers that he quickly deligated) he helped me out of the car to a grassy area on the side of the road. “Sit”.
* He also appointed a volunteer to direct traffic, he called the police and emergency and tow truck.
* He got a copy of the license of the girl who hit me.

So, who is this HE?
I have NO IDEA. When I gathered enough presence and realization of what was going on around me… I handed him my business card and said…

“Please contact me. You have been an Angel”.

I never heard back from him.

Over the next months I have gone from a wheelchair, to a walker, and now a cane or walking stick. I am still unsteady on my feet. My doctors say it’s a nerve #4 that comes from the back of my neck, over my head, then splits in two at my center forehead (3rd eye), to both eyes. That neve is traumatized because of whiplash. Doctors told me “You should be back to normal in 6 months or so”. Well, I’m in my 6th month and I’m still walking… off balance.
They have mentioned an operation that I WILL NOT HAVE.

So, that’s why I have not been blogging.
But I’m back now.

Stay tuned.



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