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Do you know how you feel ?#!!*??

By July 5, 2019October 30th, 2019ART classes to consider

Many people have a difficult time separating emotions from each other. Some have “permission” to feel some ways but not others, so they show anger when they are really sad…
or have a happy-face when they are really pissed.

I find a good way to actually FEEL the feeling is to make a picture of what your feelings look like in order to separate them.

If you read my blog you know Shelley.

She is my special needs student who I see every week and we explore ideas in art. (We are also known to break into song when reminded of an oldie). We have been friends for several years now and she has brought much wisdom into my life.
To read her  story check this out.

Back to the main question:

Do you know how you feel?

I asked Shelley to make 2 paintings.
One for CHAOS.    One for PEACE.
This is what she made.

For sure you can tell which painting is which, right?
Notice the difference in colors and the brush strokes.
One feels like “chaotic energy” and the other is “peaceful tranquility”.

So, what would your PEACE & CHAOS look like?

What colors and brush strokes will you use?

Now depict ANGER, GUILT,  JOY, FEAR.

This exercise will help distinguish your emotions because you now have a visual that is connected to each of your feelings.

What feelings do you think the above finger paintings represent?

So, if you are having difficulty understanding what you are feeling,



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