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I just ingested Lysol

By May 18, 2020Tamlin's real life

No, really!!!

I am cleaning, organizing, throwing things out, giving things away.
After all, we are in a pandemic, isn’t this what we’re suppose to do?

On my list, for a long time, has been to clean out the gutters. Don purchased gutter guards and after they are emptied of heavy, smelly, wet decayed leaves he would install the screen guards so I don’t have to do this dirty job again… hopefully.

So, this beautiful day was designated to clean out the messy eves. I gathered all the equipment and started. Once 4 feet were cleared of slimy debris, I sprayed the entire surface with Lysol and the mildew stains were easily wiped away. Then I moved the ladder down to the next 4 feet. I was moving/cleaning swiftly. The only problem I didn’t consider was the windy day.
The morning was sunny, cool and a slight breeze.
As the day moved along I moved the ladder along the metal troughs and felt accomplished with my progress.

That afternoon, the task almost complete, the wind sped up.
I was in a rush to finish. The last few feet needed to be cleaned and I would be done. In a hurry I didn’t put my bandanna and hat back on and when I sprayed the Lysol the heavy mist blew right back into my face and eyes, up my nose and it started to burn.
I knew immediately what I had done. I flushed my face and nostrils out with cold water but my eyes and skin were still stinging.
I was mad at myself for the stupid mistake but I chuckled when I couldn’t help but think…

Is this what Trump was referring to with his comment a few weeks ago ??!##????
Maybe NOW¬† I’ll have a resistance to the Covid-19 virus.

I think NOT, but the dirty job is done and I’m still shaking my head.

PS. The gutter guards were easy to install and well worth the money.


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