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Making signs

By June 29, 2020Tamlin's real life

I’ve been making signs since my “flower-child” days.

…actually before that.
My dad taught me how to make signs so the words wouldn’t run off the page.

In 1966 I made many signs for friends who protested the Viet Nam war.
We had peaceful protests, with signs that spoke our heart messages.

Now, I find myself, 50 years later making signs for another peaceful protest that touches my heart.

Fairhope, the community I live in, is having a Peace March and I plan to attend… (and bring my husband even if he doesn’t know it right now).
When we moved here 8 years ago the town was squeaky-white, and over the years, with much community effort the stats have become a bit more diverse.

This is why I did a pilot-study 3 years ago with a curriculum I created specially for the monochromatic situation.
Beyond Art was the book that resulted in the findings.

Back to making signs.
There are some specific guide-lines that will help.
Gather supplies.
Measure lines with chalk. (Can be erased later).
Measure middle letter or space.
Write words out in chalk.
Paint then fix mistakes with marker.

About 300 marched downtown and to the bay. We sang “we shall overcome” and met many new friends.
Many others took the time to make signs and show up. Masks were mandatory.
People from several different denominations spoke. Gospel songs were sung.
The entire group was ONE mind-set.

Yes, It can happen if we just believe.

PS. I applaud my husband for marching with me.
It was his first Peace March and he felt the LOVE.


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