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MY Super Power, you ask…

I am blessed to know what my Super Power is.

I’ve known since I was in my mom’s womb. I came out knowing. I never, ever thought differently.

Let me backtrack:
I was born into a family of “CREATIVES”.
My Mom, a seamstress and “pull-anything-together” kinda gal. (Last minute teen parties with the thrown-together decorations and simple food)
My dad, a landscape artist who loved the earth and could draw anything freely and easily. (I was amazed by his talent)
My brother could invent scenarios in his head that eventually came true. (No, really!)

I grew up under the tutelage of all 3 of these inspiring peeps,  who saw me slowly, and sometimes painfully, morph into my real self.
I learned different lessons from all of them.

So, what does that have to do with my Super Power (???) I hear you asking.

A few years back my brother, Drew, wrote me a letter that not only touched my heart, but narrowed my life down to his few thoughts. Here is an excerpt.

When we were young I used to call you “Artsy-fartsy” with a bit of dis-regard. I would tease you because you were always making something out of nothing, by yourself, and totally engulfed in the process. Because I was your older, left-brain, mathematical brother, I tried to dissuade you from being an artist, because “Artists can’t make a living off their art”. You never listened.

Now, 60+ years later I am eating my words. You have taught and made art all your beautiful life. In fact you have made your life truly inspiring with your creativity. You never veered from your passion and I admire you for that.
You are a treasure to me. 
Love, Drew

BINGO !!! That’s my Super Power.

Because I loved the creative process from the start and wanted others to feel that same exhilaration & self-awareness like I did (and still do)…
I designed my life to teach others THE POWER OF ART.
After 40 years+, this is what I know:

Your life is a blank canvas… Create a Masterpiece!   I did.

PS. Thanks, Drew, for helping me recognize what my Super Power is.


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