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Our latest batch of “ART ROCKS”

By September 10, 2018October 16th, 2018ART classes to consider

ART Students help to “anonymously” spread joy around Fairhope.

How would YOU feel if YOU found one of these art rocks? Just sittin’ there on your path and suddenly in your eyesight.
“It’s the nudge that draws you to it”.
That is the meaning//reward behind this PAY-IT-FORWARD art class. YOU paint a rock and then place it, anonymously… where someone will find it.
Knowing that the perfect person will find it at the perfect time.

Find a rock with a flat surface.
Use a marker or paint to write words that will lift someones spirits.
Place it where someone can find it.
Let go of the outcome, knowing that the perfect person will find it at the perfect time.

Recently, I myself, found an “ART rock” on the beach in Fairhope. It was loosely placed, tucked away in some knarly, root bound tree sprawled over and into the sand.
No, really !!! … This is what I found.

It was as though this rock was there especially for me:
1.) I lived in Arizona for 10 years with many blooming cactus all around me.
2.) I study our energy centers (chakras) which were painted on the bottom
3.) I feel the LOVE this rock conveys
If anyone else would have found this rock in Fairhope, it wouldn’t have meant as much to them.

So, let’s keep PAYING-IT-FORWARD.

Paint a rock with words that would make YOU feel good… and then find a place to let it go !!!

One final note:
You can buy stones with words already printed or engraved  that were  manufactured by a machine.

BUT… when YOU actually decorate a rock yourself, hold it in your hand, with an intention to help another feel better…
You are planting a seed.

YOU are embedding YOUR hope//YOUR energy into an ART Rock that only YOU can effect. These hand-made rocks have that alive, creative verve, unique spirit, and personal input that is transferred to any person who may see it first and be nudged to pick it up.  If they act on that subtle push , they will  hold it in their hands… and BINGO !!!, you have made the transfer.
Your mission is complete.

You have anonymously made another person feel better.


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