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Shelley’s best Art Work… is her life

By June 25, 2019ART CLASS Stories:

As most of you know, I have a special needs art class every Saturday, and Shelley is always there. She is a delight to be with and oh so creative.

I met Shelley 6 years ago at a tree lighting ceremony in Fairhope. She immediately began telling me her life story:
1) Missionary to India (3 times)
2) Policewoman in St. Louis
3) Rock star (Blonde on Blonde) touring Europe
4) Brain aneurysm
Her story was almost unbelievable but her friends verified her account. Being truly astounded. I said…

“Someone ought to write your memoir”
and Shelley said “would you?”

Before I could measure my words, I said “YES”.

I didn’t even know Shelley.
I had met her 20 minutes ago and now I had made a commitment to write her life story. What made me say I would ?!!#??**!!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
We spent the next year remembering her life. We started with a time-line and kept adding to it. We found photos and documents to reinforce her incredible story:

Missionary to India

Shelley holding a machine gun in St. Louis


Shelley’s first album. The sales paid her way to India. The second album she teamed up with Pat to become Blonde on Blonde.

In one year we finished the book and in the process became good friends.
(Visit her website and hear her sing).

Shelley has art with me every week now. It helps her thought process to be creative and spontaneous.

ART is like LIFE.
You have to process your way through it.


This is a recent art piece that truly amazed me.

(What does this mean to you?)

Now I know why I said “YES”  5 years ago. Shell has been a big influence in my life. She is a joyful spirit who is grateful to be alive.


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