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2020 ‘Time Capsule’ art class

By January 25, 2020January 27th, 2020Student Art projects

So, what exactly is a TIME CAPSULE ?

It’s a point-in-time where pictures/words/items are encapsulated so some time in the future your current situation will have a better understanding.

There are many different types of Time Capsules (TC):
Baby TC to open when they become an adult
Kids TC to open the next year
Family TC to open in 10 years
Some are hand-made, some are store-bought
All of the above are NOT buried but stored someplace safe.


There are some people who take “Time Capsuling” very seriously.

Well, my TC art class is neither of the above.

My class, primarily for teens & adults, is a “What’s happening in 2020” assignment.
It’s not a personal reflection as much as a community & global point of view.
The capsule will be buried, somewhere to their liking (beach, park, backyard) shhhhhh…
and found some time in the future (with no particular time frame).

The assignment is to express how you feel about what is happening in the year 2020.

…and so much is happening in our world today:
war and rumors of war
volcanic eruptions
…just to name a few.

But we also have good things happening:
‘me too’ movement
renewable energies
ocean clean-up
planting trees
peace talks
…so it’s not all doom & gloom.

What was interesting in these classes was the student’s perspective of the world THEY live in.

So, what does YOUR world look like?
What would you like people to know in 10, 20, 50 years from now?

Lesson Plan Directive:
1.) Select a container that can be sealed from the elements

Take off all labels & wash the container. Glass or plastic will work.

2.) Cut the paper to fit inside the bottle.

The paper can be as long as you like, but the width needs to be the height of the bottle.

3.) Begin to cut out pictures and words from magazines and newspaper headlines.

Try to think of the contrast in our lives today,

What are the things effecting your world?

3.) Once the collage is finished roll it up so the 2020 label is showing through the glass.
4.) Add any small items that also represent your life & times. You may add your name, or not.

5.) Seal with a strong, permanent glue if the top is not secured.

6.) Bury in your yard or a special place.
This may not be legal in your community but neither is sending off helium balloons or spreading ashes in the bay. Just look around and do it.
The deeper you dig the longer (probably) it will stay hidden.

7.) As you walk away set an intention that the right person will find it at the right time.



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