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“Just Mercy” highly recommended

By January 18, 2020January 27th, 2020Tamlin's thoughts

I have attended 2 of Bryan Stevenson’s presentations

and he always has impressed me with his eloquence and passion, (not to mention good looks).
But when I saw the heart wrenching movie, ‘Just Mercy’ so many feelings came up for me.
First IRRITATED then totally PISSED OFF
HEARTBREAK for the black families
SHAME and DISGUST on the white police and court system

(Keep in mind, we’re talkin’ Alabama in the mid 80’s)

…not so long ago, really.

Continuing my feelings list:
HOPE for a re-trial
DISAPPOINTMENT even with proof of innocence
ANGER at the “Ole South” mind-set
SAD  for the injustice
HOPE building again
EXUBERANCE (this is when the entire theater stood up and clapped, cried, yelled, or stood there STUNNED)
…and finally
PROUD for Bryan Stevenson and his journey

So now Bryan has freed dozens of prisoners who were sentenced unfairly. He is the founder of Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization in Montgomery Alabama. His best selling book , with the same name, became an inspirational movie we all need to see.

“You don’t change the world with ideas in your mind,
but with conviction in your heart”

Bryan Stevenson






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