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a CHALLENGE to my innovative Tribe…

By August 6, 2018Student Art projects

Pay it forward…

And what better way than to create GOOD FORTUNE, packed tight, in a small painted rock?
It’s like finding a shiny coin on your path… a feeling that you are the blessed one.

So, let’s help this feeling along… paying it forward… by painting rocks and placing them where someone can find it and feel blessed.
It’s easy:
1.) Make sure the paint or markers that you use are “permanent”
2.) Think of a word or saying that would make you smile… if you found it.
3.) Paint your FLAT ROCK with love.
4.) Place it somewhere it can be found.
5.) Know that the perfect person, who needs that message, will find it.
6.) Walk away knowing.

Hints from the Art Teacher:
1.) Find FLAT rocks
2.) Paint the background first (if at all)
3.) When dry, write your words with paint markers or puff paints, for the best result.
4.) The more you make and share… the more GOOD FORTUNE you are spreading.

And finally… FIND YOUR OWN ROCK.

I am taking a tally of the states and countries we will reach.
So far, 5 states and 2 countries.
Let’s DO THIS !!!


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