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What is “INDIGENOUS” Art ??*!!#?

By August 22, 2018October 16th, 2018Student Art projects, Tamlin's thoughts


Definition of INDIGENOUS is “of Natural Origin”

… and that is the foundation to all my art classes… going back to BASIC WISDOM… (natural beginnings).
Both Earthy & Heavenly SOUND is INDIGENOUS to me.

1.) Hence, the “Rain Stick” art class.
Thousands of years ago the Aborigines from Australia used rain sticks (as well as many other instruments) in their ceremonies to worship nature. Drawing attention to UNDERLYING WISDOM is the direction I try to pursue in this art class.
No two rain sticks look alike and every sound vibrates differently. The earth has a heart beat. Let’s blend in with her Breath of Life. When we play in symphony, the cerebral sound of the rain brings a vibration of awareness that we are ONE.

This is a whimsical  art class that is a CROWNING GLORY celebrating who we are as an individual.

It never ceases to amaze me how each halo reflects the person wearing it.

The emphasis in this class is to understand that the WAND is just a symbol of our own capability.
The person HOLDING the wand has the power… not the wand itself. The wand just points the direction of  YOUR capacity to make things happen. (ask the Fairy Godmother or Harry Potter).
Learn how to empower yourself, because… YOU HOLD THE ABILITY TO MAKE CHANGES.


4.) “Walking Sticks”

The triangle is the strongest shape… so when we add a staff to our 2-legged stance we become much more grounded to the earth. Our foundation is stabilized. Each bamboo staff is decorated as you like it.

5.) “Angels”
The spirit world is more INDIGENOUS than any other realm.

When we can teach kids and adults that there is really something out there that is supporting us, leading us, trying to help us… we are empowered to MOVE FORWARD.
We have GUIDANCE if we are just quiet enough to pay attention.


These are just 5 of the INDIGENOUS ART CLASSES that I teach.
I feel compelled to share what I instinctively know through the creative process. (and what I know always goes back to the basics, the beginning, where TRUTH is TRUTH).
No fluff. No exaggeration, no lies.

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(Only if you want to understand yourself better).
No, really !!!



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