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Animals come to us…

By May 5, 2020Tamlin's pets

…and leave when it’s time.

Smoke went back to his “First Mom” today.
She was in her last chapter of  Alzheimers and had to give up her baby-boy when she was put into a home that wouldn’t take pets.
She wrote to me: “To the person who will take care of my Smoke”. Her hand writing was frail and empty. I could feel the sadness in the words she chose.
“Take care of my baby. He is a good boy but will consistently annoy you with his needy attention. Please love him like I did.”

She was right. I loved him the moment I saw him.
Smoke had been in a 1/2 way home for 6 months with 40+ other left-over cats when I found him. The care taker said he was a sweet cat, but lonely.
I adopted him the moment I saw him.

He slept on my chest from the first night. He knew I was going to take care of him.
AND he did annoy me every day as well. Laying on my computer, rustling papers and eating my notes.


Smoke went home today.

He was now 17 years old,  skin & bones,  loosing his balance, seemingly in a daze more often than not.
I knew my frail baby-boy didn’t have long. I prayed daily for a “beautiful transition” and I somehow knew it would happen.

Smoke has re-united with his “First Mom” today and they are happy beyond measure. I believe that. I feel that.

I am sad and will miss my baby-boy, but I feel their joyful reunion and that focus makes it easier for me.

Smoke’s “Second Mom,”

PS. Shortly after Smoke moved on… I picked a card from my Angel Healing deck (which, by the way, I’ve been using for more than 20 years, and the insights NEVER cease to amaze me).  My question was “Smoke, what do you want me to know right now?”
The card I picked was ‘CELEBRATION’.



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