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My morning routine (pandemic or not !!!)

By May 3, 2020Tamlin's real life

Coffee, pray, sage, read, nails. (repeat)

Actually there is something calming in having a routine. A way to start a day, everyday.
And what makes it easier is my  SPIRIT TRAY.
A portable sacred shrine
that can be moved in if the weather turns cold or raining. The tray can go to the office, bedroom, kitchen, wherever I want to be.

My Spirit Tray is a staple in my life and I’ve used it for many years (decades before the pandemic).
It makes it easier to have a sacred routine.  A quiet morning ceremony to set an intent for the day.

This is what is on my Spirit Tray:
Holy water from Saint Mary’s Shrine on Holy Hill in Wisconsin. (I actually laid on my stomach in the snow to scoop water from the holy grotto).
Several crosses & from various places or people that are significant in my life
Sage and feathers for cleansing the negative energy in my self, my home, my yard, etc.
Stones that assist in amplifying what I am praying about
Some mementos that hold information I need to remember (an ivory broach from Paris France, a peace sign pin, etc.)
A candle to inform my angels and spirit guides that I honor them and need their help
Angel cards, that I pick randomly, for information

As my life changes, so do the items on my Spirit Tray.
The formalities are fluid but the ceremony is a constant.

Perhaps you will be inspired to make your own Spirit Tray.

It’s all GOoD.

PS. I also gather items on a tray to temporarily pay homage to someone or something.
Next week is Mother’s Day. Stay tuned to see how I honor my mom.


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