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My yard doesn’t know…

By April 24, 2020Nature, Tamlin's real life

…that we are in a pandemic.

It’s spring and my flowers normally bloom now, but the abundant fragrance seems even more pungent these days.
Could it be in response to the clearing of the pollution?
Could it be because of the quarantine and I’ve had more time to spend with them?
Could it be that the recent gentle rains have opened up their senses like they have mine?

If you were to walk into my yard you would be overwhelmed with the sweet fragrance of Confederate Jasmine. The flowers cover the bamboo lanai that spreads 40 feet down the Bocce Court making a long tunnel of balmy-sweet flowers. Almost as though you were walking into a glorious collage of nature.

Then there’s my pond.
Purple iris and light blue lilies adorn the edges while the fish delight in the beauty.

These are iris I brought from my home in Arizona. They are prolific here like they were in the mountains.

Then, there are my Gardenia trees, 2 of them. I’m sure you can smell their aroma from where you are.

That’s just to name a few of the wonders in my yard.

As some of you know, who have read my memoir or my blog, that my Dad was a landscape artist.
He planed & planted his yard with flowers that would bloom all year ’round.
I definitely have his DNA… and this is spring.

So, spring has sprung in my yard, quarantine or not.

The noisy frogs are mating day & night. Their sound normally is shrill and annoying.
But I don’t care NOW. I’m just glad that they are here. Propagating.
It somehow gives me hope that my yard’s inhabitants, my family, will make it through this pandemic.
It’s all GOoD.


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