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It’s all about the CROSS

Easter Week (in a pandemic)

Because we are in “social distancing” I am having no physical art classes.
So, I will bring you pictures of my student’s Easter artwork from the past.

These crosses are from Country Place, a senior home with loyal & talented artists.

This is Shelley, my “special” art student, making her Easter statement several years ago.

I am always thrilled to see what she will do. Even if I have an idea for an assignment…
she does what she wants to do. ALWAYS.
I love that freedom/liberty/self-sufficiency in her.

This spring we started an Easter painting that she hasn’t finished yet.

Can you see where she is going with this?
Shelley wanted to make the sky dark, the wood grain rough, and was going to just paint feet.
I will show you the finished painting when it happens.
Who knows where she will take it from here.

If you want to read about Shelley’s life story, you can check it out here, on my website, in my book section.
It’s an eye opening read.

Shelley has been a missionary in India, a cop in St. Louis, a rock star in Nashville…


Then BINGO, an aneurysm that changed her life forever.

When I met Shelley 5 years ago, she started telling me about her life and I was compelled to write her story.
It took one year and here we are at one of her book signings.

One last story about my favorite art student:
Most of the time we have art in my studio/garage with open air.
As people walk in my neighborhood Shell ALWAYS yells to them “Come see what I’m doing”.
They ALWAYS come.
While they are marveling at her art work and my unique studio, Shell ALWAYS asks

“Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for you and me?”

I’ve quit trying to get her to stop.
I felt guilty when I talked to her about people having different opinions.
I’m a Christian. I know where she is coming from. I get her. She had a “born again” experience (as did I) and can’t quit talking about it.
So, I let her continue to call them up.
Actually, it is quite a “Come-to-Jesus” moment to see the varied reactions. How people respond is telling.

Some claim Jesus as their Savior.
Some say they are a Buddhist, an Atheist, a Catholic… ???
Some just back up and slowly leave.

All she wants is to do is share her story.
I love her for that.

So, this Easter let’s think about the cross and it’s purpose.

Shelley thinks about it every day.
God bless you my friend, and everyone who reads this blog.
Stay safe.


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