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Sparkle in, sludge out

Here is a COLOR BREATHING exercise that really works for kids and adults:

Simply choose a color that represents joy/peace/love for you.
Breathe that color deep inside your body. Hold it for a few seconds.
See it going all the way down to your feet and hands.

Choose a color that represents chaos/fear/anger for you.
Breathe this color out of your body.
Push the breath completely out.

Do this 3 times. It only takes a minute.

Start your day by Color Breathing.
Color breathe when in doubt.
Color breathe to bring you back to the present moment.
Color Breathe when you are making a decision.

This exercise can be done while driving, while in a heated discussion, while meditating.

I find myself doing this several times a day and it re-calibrates my energy, my perspective, my life.

This is the best assignment I can offer you today.
Stay tuned for the next ART LESSON.


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