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A neighborhood birthday during the PANDEMIC???

But Leon was turning 97 and we had to do something.

This precious man, his dog Skipper, and Mr. Kitty walk the neighborhood every morning. The dog and cat follow him closely. If he takes a rest, they rest too.

Leon is a Godly, church-goin’ man. He brings the widows newspapers up to their door step. When he talks to his pets, they listen.
I listen. Leon was a pilot in the war and has a cockpit simulator in his home so he doesn’t forget the feeling of flying.

So how can a man this cool NOT have a special birthday ???????

My neighborhood has recently gathered everyone’s numbers for a “Neighborhood Watch”.
Not really a watch. More like a safety-net in case anyone needs anything.

In these times we need community.

Back to Leon’s birthday.
I set up a table with art supplies for the neighborhood to make cards and drawings for Leon. Sent out a text so everyone would know how to participate.
Great turnout. Kids and adults alike.

(Notice how politically correct I was with the “6 feet apart” sign). It worked.

I also Mod-Podged Leon’s picture on to a silver canvas and asked everybody to sign.

At 3:00 on his birthday we all gathered and sang his praises.

He  walked out of the house (with an airplane shirt on) to see all his neighbors there.


Now, that’s the way to celebrate someone we love in a pandemic… even with “social distancing”.
Leon felt special on his 97th birthday.


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