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The holidays are over. Let’s take a deeeeep breath.

My #1 way to get my students to relax before doing art is COLOR BREATHING.
The blank below is the visual for this lesson.
1.) Breathe in the color of PEACE. (or wisdom, or understanding, or…)
2.) Breathe out the color of ANXIETY (or fear, or anger, or… )
Remember YOU get to decide what color stands for what feeling.

The first time the student comes to my class I have them color this sheet
and they will certainly remember for future classes.
We take 2 minutes at the beginning of every class and COLOR BREATHE.
(3 times in, slowly, and 3 times out slowly). This relaxes them to do their best work…
AND, hopefully they will remember to do this during their every day situations.

One student example


So, decide on your colors and start breathing.


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