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How can I reflect the “Power of Art” in a political  post?… and should I?

By January 17, 2019March 31st, 2019Tamlin's thoughts

I have been thinking a lot about this political chaos we have going on in America today… and I continuously argue with myself as to whether I should refer to it in my blog, or not.
It is a main topic of concern now days, and I somehow believe that the POWER of ART can help this situation.

It has been said that we are either Republican OR Democrat…It’s  BLACK OR WHITE.
Well, I don’t agree. There is a lot of gray area between black and white.
And all of a sudden, BINGO, I remember a lesson I taught at Remuda Ranch that helped my students/clients/patients to understand the concept of GRAY-AREA.

In my memoir “Forgetting to Fly” (pg. 155) and in my book “Art with a Purpose” (pg. 44)
I refer to this art lesson in order to visualize where my student is, right then, in a certain situation.

For example: I ask “How angry were you when your friend stole your lunch?” (their answer #9).
“Is that appropriate for the situation?” (maybe not.) “What would have been a more suitable level of anger?” (# 3).
This person may have anger management issues and the gray-scale is a good way for them to see it.

Another example: How angry were you when your dad abused you?” (answer #1). “Now that you understand more clearly, what is a more appropriate level? (#10).
This person probably stuffs their anger and through this visual can see it’s not working for them.

1             2            3           4            5            6           7            8            9          10

For this “partisan” example:
If your view is completely and unconditionally democratic you would be #1 on the gray scale.
If your view is completely and unconditionally republican you would be #10 on the gray scale.

These are extremes and most people fall somewhere in the “gray area”. If you consider yourself a #1 or a #10 chances are you are quite naive (no offence) because it’s impossible to agree with anyone, all the time, especially politicians, because they have so many different issues to cover.

I get extremely offended when anyone puts me into a political category because I am usually a #4  to a #7 on many issues. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can be a #1 or a #10 on some topics, but not many.

So, why am I telling you all this?
Because I believe this GREAT DIVIDE can and should be understood through the power of visuals.
We all are on a sliding scale and I, personally, am offended when labeled a Democrat or a Republican. Labeled ANYTHING for that matter.

Bottom line: No 2 people think alike all the time.

My hope: We all can be respected for what and how we believe, no matter where it is on the gray-scale.

PS. I suggest you print out the gray-scale to help resolve the nation’s Black & White thinking.
Maybe you will even discover that YOU think this way… God forbid.


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