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More “ALCHEMY” happens…

By January 24, 2019Student Art projects

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I am doing a series of classes with Alcohol Inks entitled  “ALCHEMY INK”.

The reason I changed the name is 2-fold:
1.) It is NOT a “bring your own booze and paint” class… as Alcohol Ink may sound like.
2.) When the inks move into each other they morph into something beyond our imaginations.

Something we have NO control over.
The ALCHEMY comes in when we watch the movement evolve.

Perfectionists have to LET IT GO because the ink keeps moving for about 2 minutes after you have applied it. Oh, you can pick the colors and even the place on the tile… but it moves, as if the colors had a life of their own.
Actually, they do.

Here are examples of tiles my students have made.

Do YOU think you could let YOUR perfectionism go…
in order for ALCHEMY to happen?

It’s not easy but the reward is sublime.


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