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Now and Future (Project #1)

By July 25, 2018July 29th, 2018ART classes to consider

Empower yourself through ART

Don’t know where to start helping yourself  ???#!!??**#?!

The best way is to know where you are NOW, then, where you where you want to be IN THE FUTURE… before you can measure your success.
This is the FIRST art project  I do to help me understand my students better. The thought process also helps my students to discover more about themselves.

The mission of this exercise is to help visualize where you are, and want to go, to see how far you have come… or not.

Template for art project

Here are examples of art work from previous students. Some are quite dramatic since most of my students are in need of discovering their true selves. Believe me, this project helps us all.

7 year old artist

14 year old artist

(This one is opposite) FUTURE then NOW
16 year old with an eating disorder

Another eating disorder student
12 year old artist

So now you begin to see how this art project might work.
In order to succeed you need to have a visual of where you want to be.
The next step is to ask: “What do I need to do to move forward.”

And the last step is to put an X where they are right now.
As they move toward to their goal have them move their X so they can see the progress.

If you want to help yourself, do the art project… send it in to me… and I will give you the next art assignment, according to what we see in your art.


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