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Thief Collage (Project #2)

By July 25, 2018July 29th, 2018ART classes to consider

What could be stolen from you?

By completing the first art class you know where you are NOW and where you want to be in the FUTURE… (if you didn’t do project #1 yet, I suggest you do it now, for much needed information).

So, let’s do the second art class. This one is titled “THIEF COLLAGE”.

(I must mention here that some of the classes I do are learned from an art therapist, Brenda Fox, who I worked with at Remuda Ranch, a rehab for young ladies with eating disorders. I am NOT an art therapist, I am an Expressive Art Specialist.) Thank you, Brenda.

THIEF COLLAGE=What will be stolen from you if you stay in the NOW…
and don’t move forward?

This student lost her time, her heart, her girl power, her energy, and her Best Life.


This student lost her smart, her funny, her beautiful, her wishes, her HOPE.

When you move forward you can have all these things back.
What would YOUR Thief Collage look like?


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