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Halloween in the year of 2020

By October 30, 2020ART CLASS Stories:

Most of you know that I am teaching Christian Home-School Art classes.
So, what does that mean exactly???

That means I am teaching classes to youngsters (5 to 10) imbedded with some kind of lesson beyond the lesson.
No worries. That’s what I do.
Halloween is always a challenge, though.
Do the “Christian” parents let their kids celebrate Halloween? Some don’t.
I always fall on the side of  “know thy enemy” and teach them well.

Having said all that, my parents didn’t complain this week when we made GHOSTS in Model Magic.
(the lesson being: Do ghosts have feelings?)

“Yes they do”, and you can tell how they feel by their expression.
Their expression is emphasized by their eyebrows.

Now we talk about feelings and why a ghost would be mad/sad/surprised.
Their imaginations are in high gear.


They each tell stories about the ghosts they made. What the ghost is going through, and how they are feeling.
The discussion is always the best part for me.
Personalities shine through.
Kids go from shy to brave in the telling. They make it up as they go.

So  here is this years 2020 Halloween Art class.
We all learned so much more than how to make a ghost.



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