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How do I get & stay there ?!!*??#?

“WHERE”, you ask ???

Christians call it the “State of Grace”
The Bible calls it “Heaven”
Hippies call it “Nirvana”
Buddha calls it “Enlightenment”
Athletes call it the “Zone”
Science calls it “Entanglement”
Abraham calls it the “Vortex”
Healers call it the “Fifth Dimension”

Whatever we label it: the location, the space, the state of mind… is the very SAME PLACE.

Verbiage aside… HOW DO WE GET THERE ???

I have my way.
You have your way.
You DO have your way, right?

Which brings me to the question, “What % of time during my day am I  “resonating on God’s whisper?”
Recently I saw  a re-run of Deepak Chopra on Oprah and she asked him “Does anything ever bother you?”
He said “Nothing! I never get rattled anymore.” (OK, maybe he didn’t use that term but…)
His answer made me think.

Is it possible to stay in a “state of grace” 100% of the time?

I think not.
But why not try?
So, I ask myself, “What amount of time do I feel the Light of God on my shoulders per day? On average?”
My % is about 30.
(I am non-reactive to my environment and monkey-mind ONLY 1/3 of my day !!?#!!?).

My first reaction is THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!! But then I think again.
That is pretty high number with all that is happening in the world right now…
but I still want to bring the % up.
So, I pray, deep breathe, meditate, tap, visualize, hum and do Tai Chi.
Then I pray, color breathe, meditate, tap, visualize, hum and move again… and again…
Not necessarily in that order or all at once, but for sure I pray, color breathe and tap (times a lot) each day.

I seldom listen to the news. I don’t go to Face Book right now.
I write, make art, cook and read.
I seriously focus on what a beautiful world will look and feel like.
That’s the best I can do right now.

So, what is YOUR % number?
What tools do YOU use to bring your # UP?
Just asking.


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