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Spirit the whale

By November 29, 2020December 3rd, 2020Tamlin's real life

This Thanksgiving Fairhope, and all of Mobile Bay, had a Sad Miracle.

A Sperm Whale, who we named “Spirit” swam up the channel and beached himself about 1,000 feet off shore and  in 4 feet of water. He was 35 feet long and 38,000 pounds. When I heard of this I immediately went to be with him. I could see he was failing. I was heart broken and contacted my Healing Group and other prayer warriors. Spirit was breathing irregularly but would still shoot water 6 feet or more into the air through his blowhole. I stayed there until sunset and prayed until way after dark.

The next day when I went back to the bay the local news stations were there as hundreds of people swarmed the beach, pier and docks close by. At first I was irritated with all the commotion as the media interviewed the on-lookers while Spirit flailed in the background. WTF. Was this necessary at such an unfortunate time?

After some deep breathing I came to understand this was the first time a whale had ever swam up “The Bay of the Holy Spirit” (as the Spanish named it when it was discovered in the late 14,000’s).That alone was worth national news, please NO. And what an educational tool. Teachers could jump on this neighborhood event making history in real time, please YES.
I also acknowledged that most of the people were watching the whale struggle in the shallows because they cared about him.

This perhaps wasn’t as unfortunate as it seemed on the surface.

I believe in my heart that whales (and porpoises) are a divine species and hold great wisdom in their essence.
I also believe that when a whale dies that intelligence/knowledge/wisdom flows back into the waters to share with other creatures close by.

…and BINGO, we are the “creatures close by”.

Spirit came to our bay on purpose. He wanted to share his wisdom with us, and he did.
He was euthanized on Wednesday November 25, 2020 as a humanitarian gesture.
If we set an intent to hear/feel/grasp what Spirit has to say, we will recognize the gifts he left with us.

This has been an extraordinarily blessed Thanksgiving… thanks to Spirit the whale. You impacted my life and I will never forget you.


PS. He is also bringing attention to our soiled bay waters and their toxic tributaries.
I feel a nudge in my heart to help, do you?






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