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Being GRATEFUL is a shift in focus

…pure and simple !!!

In my latest book ‘How to be a SUPER POWER in 7 easy lessons’,

I teach kids how to shift their focus from MAN-MADE to NATURE-MADE by having them put a pencil up to the sky and shift their focus from the pencil to the sky and back again. This is a slight shift but so important in the process of understanding vertical thinking as opposed to horizontal thinking.

Just recently, I was describing this concept to someone and I quickly drew my explanation on a near-by piece of scrap paper. With this visual it is much easier for them to grab the concept.

So, here is an assignment for you to do:
Focus on what is in your mind right now. (horizontal thinking).
What are you perseverating about? (family? holidays? Covid? bills? dinner? etc.)
Now, move your focus to your heart space.
You don’t even need a reason. Just see the thought, “I am grateful” written on your heart.
Take the time to see the words.

Did you feel the not-so-subtle shift when you move to vertical thinking?
It’s huge !!!
This act is the most powerful tool you possess.
That’s why I am teaching it to as many kids as I can reach. (Class # 4 out of 7 in SP7).

(Thank you, Lord, for expanding my territory).


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