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The Christmas Star

By December 24, 2020Tamlin's thoughts

As most of you know the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happened this week and right at the time of Solstice.


This is a very rare happening. Some say it was 1623  when this planetary positioning happened last. Some say it was in the 1200’s. But most say that this rare alignment probably was the Christmas Star over Bethlehem all those years ago. Just knowing this warms my heart.

Being Christian, this holiday is already special to me.
Being an astrology enthusiast, this conjunction adds so much more to the meaning of this Christmas.
Being an energy worker,  I feel the importance of new beginnings in 2021, (it’s being “born-again” as they/we say, right?).

The solstice/Christmas is just that. A FREST START.

Seeds under the earth are germinating.
Stars over our heads are sparkling.

I look forward to new directions, better ways, fresh alternatives.

May you feel the glow of the Christmas Star in your heart this season, and all through year 2021.


















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