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Imagination IS visualization

Recently an art student of mine (female, 13) told me, during an art class, that she couldn’t IMAGINE anything.

When I said “green elephant”, she said no.
How about  a “purple house”, another no.
“The face of your mom???”… no answer.
I could tell she was trying way to hard. It was as though she was grunting with her face all scrunched up.

Then I remembered a class I had with her 2 years ago (actually it was a pilot study on DIVERSITY) where this same art student made a diorama about what she wanted to be when she grew up. It was brilliant.

She wants to be a fashion designer. When she was 11 years old she named her company  ‘Flower Child Designs’ .

She created many details in her vision:
There are people of color as her assistants.
Her dog slept close by on his blanket.
Several tall, green plants in corners.
Even some designs on her desk.

When I showed the pictures of her FUTURE diorama…
I saw the light go on in her eyes.

Imagining IS visualizing.

This diorama is an imagination of what she wants in her life.
She got it.

To see more examples of ‘My FUTURE’ diorama’s go to

What does YOUR future look like?


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