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Snake Skin Allegory

By September 29, 2019October 8th, 2019Tamlin's real life, Tamlin's thoughts

This is proof that there are no coincidences.

In a recent Energy Healing class the topic was about freeing-up what has been trapped and bound in our past and come to ourselves FRESH… “like shedding our skin”.
I thought of it as sort of a blank canvas.

But my teacher said a blank canvas has already erased the past and is ready for a new future.
So I understood the “shedding” aspect as a step BEFORE the blank canvas.
This “shedding” was a concept I thought had to be difficult and time consuming.
First we have to recognize patterns that are holding us back, then understand how and why we accept those outdated childhood beliefs… then long and grueling therapy.
But NO.
At the center of our journey lies self-knowledge and the overriding determination to clear and free up what has been trapped inside.

The very next morning I went outside only to find a scrunched-up something-or-other.
I didn’t know what it was but my curiosity got the best of me. I picked it up and started to unravel the scrunch… and behold, it was a snake shin.
The timing was perfect.
The irony was blatant.
The message was clear.

As I kept straightening out the still warm, pliable skin,  I looked for a rip or a tear where the snake could have released itself. I realized that there was no way out. The only way of escape was through the mouth. This snake had slid its way out of a 3′ long skin through his mouth without a scratch.

I’m not saying it was easy for the snake but somehow he did it.
Now I looked around for the fresh, raw snake, to no avail (thanks for that).
But I imagined a new beginning for him. A start-over with acute tactile awareness. No baggage encompassing his move to a new season. He was free.

This is what my teacher is helping us to understand.
Shed our past and move on.


NOW I have my blank canvas.


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