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“Spirit Speaks” Retreat

By October 13, 2019May 23rd, 2020Tamlin's real life, Tamlin's thoughts

OMG… I just had a long Spiritual Pause and I’m still on a natural high.

Last weekend Energy Workers and Healers from San Diego to the Appalachian Mountains met in the middle, (Andalusia Alabama, no really!) to share talents and experience different modalities of energy work.
It was such a gift to be there.
We experienced Tai-Chi by the lake, essential oil massages & reflexology, intuitive readings, how to rid blocks & ways to raise our vibration, dream interpretation and plenty of time for meditation and centering prayer. Four days of bliss in a log cabin lodge with enlightened folk.
Not a better way to rejuvenate.

I had an Alchemy Ink class where you find out a lot about yourself through the slow, creative process. (More details on this art project in a future blog).

Another project I facilitated was  “Indigenous Circles”.

The definition of indigenous is “naturally occurring .”

The simple directive to the 30 participants at the beginning of the retreat:
On a 4′ X 7′ cotton canvas, create a symbolic circle with markers and chalk.
No other guidelines.
I DID speak of  NOT COMPARING your circle to others.
I also mentioned that their circle could be detailed or very simple.

But the main concept that I was hoping to convey is the theory of PSYCHOMETRY where our information is embedded into an object that we touch, love, or live amongst. This is the basis where some can read inanimate objects of people who were associated with it.
An excellent example is the crocheted table runner my dad’s mom made. It has her vibe all over it because she spent hours/weeks/months creating the lovely piece.

If we believe in psychometry, the circle banner we are making would hold all of our separate and distinct energies. Especially if we set the intention ahead of time.

The canvas was laid out on a table for 4 days and between classes, presentations and meals we all added our circle.

The final composition is a compilation of vitality from 30 energy workers from across the country… and Fairhope.
I have sprayed fixative on the banner and will hang it with bamboo rods on either end. There is no up or down, which adds to its intrinsic value.

A prized art piece indeed.

Stay tuned for more stories of this mystical “Spirit Speaks” retreat.
Below are all who attended. 29 women and “Our token Man”.


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