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JUSTIFY… a message from above?!

By June 12, 2018Tamlin's thoughts

The Belmont on June 9th was thrilling and I couldn’t help but think “Is this another message?”
The definition of JUSTIFY is, according to Webster & Google, “To provide a good reason that you are right”

Did you know that on June 1st the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion was, 14 year old Kartthik Nemmani from McKinney, Texas? He won on the word KOINONIA meaning  “fellowship” or “a community that shares a common higher belief”

Both these words were mentioned thousands of times on national & world news. We are being bombarded with definitions of well-being. We are being given, somehow through the ether, a better way to be.

No, really… close your eyes for 1 minute. FEEL how it feels to be JUSTIFIED.
Feel how it feels to know you are right… and you have proof. You are genuine, dependable, reliable and faithful.
Breathe all this in.
Sit with this sentiment for a moment. Feel justified.
As an art teacher, I would even ask that you might create an art piece that depicts this feeling…
Such as this example from one of my art students:

This justified “way to be” is what I believe the Source of all Moral Authority is trying to tell us.
(I’m NOT speaking religion here. And I won’t on my blog. It’s too high-risk). The authority I’m speaking of is higher than the dogma of religion. It incorporates ALL of us, ALL the time.
And this ALL KNOWING is speaking to us… right now.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one recognizing all this “ether stuff” going on around us.
If you identify another way that we are being spoken to… let me know.
We need to JUSTIFY that our KOINONIA will UNITE us ALL.

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